Server | IMEI Shop - Terms and Conditions

Dear Customers, Here are our terms and conditions, Please read must before proceed order. 

As we are dealing with only wholesalers and long term customers, we only refund credits if order failed. Despite that, if customer want to refund in paypal, we can refund him in paypal if he does not want to use our services later on. 


Unlocking & Warranty Policies :

As We are doing only official services. We are guarantee our services are official and done by operator officially and legally, Though we want to mention thats all our imei services are guaranteed for 1 Month For secuirity reasons and for safety. Except the ones with particular warranty time, for example : sprint unlocking service with 15 days warranty.

So any complaint above than stated time (ie: 1 Month) will not be considered. 

if you accept our terms and conditions then please place your order.

you may ask why is that as the service is official : 

you are right, it will not relock ever as its official and never happened before, But as we are resellers for that service with small margin of profit , we mention that conditions for our safety, because we do not know if the operator may relock any of its unlocked imeis for any reason which we don not know. And if that happened, we are not sure if the Supplier will refund or not, as its Operator issue. thats why we cannot take that big risk. so we have to mention that.

except in case Supplier refunded Us, Then we can refund for you surely. 


We accept different payment methods by : paypal express checkout, paypal masspay/gift, skrill, bitcoin, western money transfer, moneygram,  cash in hand, bank transfer (china and more), china (abc bank, icbc bank ...).


Other related terms : 

- Wrong carrier NO REFUND! We are not responsible if you place wrong carrier orders as we can not get refund from suppliyer in such situations.

- Use GSX check to check carrier before placing order. Be sure you will not lose your money!

- If you will get wrong reply from us as Unlocked but your phone is still locked, Please send email or open support ticket with Order ID, service name and (GSX Report - if your phone is iPhone, Youtube link to Video of Activation proccess for iCloud)

- There are NO any kind of refund for Wrong Factory Codes, all codes retviewing from Factory/Carrier Database.


- Note : Any one opens chargeback case , then he will lost his account and any money inside that account . so better to be gentle man and request your money in the correct ways (by email , whatsapp , etc and allow 1-24h refund time at least)